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Metal Circuit Dice - Series 2 Style Survey

Hey everybody!

Some brief backstory: About two months ago I wanted some circuit dice, they didn’t exist so I designed some myself in CAD. Then I reached out to some manufacturers and ended up working with Udixi to produce Series 1 of my metal circuit dice.

Series 2 has now finished the metal casting process and I just need to make my final style selections. From the start of this project I've worked with various communities (shoutout to the Shadowrun, Warhammer 40k and Dice Making discord in particular) to get feedback and to hear what people would actually like, and so here I am kindly asking you for any feedback you can throw my way as far as finishing and colors you'd like to see. With the input from this survey I’m going to finalize those choices and I should have the finished dice available within a month.

Series 2 Survey

I’m also very likely going to be offering a single color of ‘unfinished’ dice that has been painted only with a base color. I think that some communities, especially the Warhammer 40k community, would enjoy having dice that are primed and ready to customize without having to strip paint off finished dice. 

In the course of this project I've talked to so many cool people from around the world and it's truly been an honor to have received feedback from those in the community.