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Collector’s Set -  Gunmetal | Metal Circuit Die

Collector’s Set - Gunmetal | Metal Circuit Die

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  • Dark Black Electroplated Finish
  • 5 Different Inked Accent Colors
  • 16mm Standard Size
  • High-Pressure Zinc Alloy Casting
  • Balanced Center of Mass

These dice are standard 16mm D6 size and they are cast in a zinc alloy metal, which is the standard for metal dice. They were designed from the start to be balanced even with the asymmetric circuit design.

They weigh almost 1oz which is approximately 6 times heavier than your standard resin or acrylic dice. They have been electroplated in a dark black base color and have been hand inked using a non-standard process. 

This Collector’s Set includes 5 dice, one of each of the colors offered in the dark black electroplating from Series 2.

*Due to the complexity required to produce these dice, some small variations may occur in both the inking process and the electroplated coverage.

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